Directing TRASH (2013) - Photo courtesy of Stephen Godfrey (

Directing TRASH (2013) – Photo courtesy of Stephen Godfrey ( 

Ryan O'Donnell

Ryan O’Donnell

My name is Ryan O’Donnell and I am a Sydney-based editor, director and musician. In 2013 I completed a BA Communication (Media Arts and Production) at the University of Technology, Sydney. Since entering the industry in 2008 I have worked across the fields of short film, television, and corporate video production. In 2014 I was accepted by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study a B Music (Performance) in Classical Voice.

In the corporate sphere I have produced, shot and edited videos for clients ranging from small businesses all the way to large-scale multinational corporations.

As an award-winning, creative filmmaker, my work has been screened across Australia, as well as internationally in the USA and online. I am passionate about the craft of editing, and am particularly interested in the intersections between musicianship and storytelling. Communicating narrative visually shares a great deal with communicating musically – rhythm, beats, cadence points and tempo all play a part, and I find that my skills as a musician definitely inform my work as an editor.