Glitch Experiments

I’ve been getting pretty into glitch art recently. Decided to start experimenting with databending video in preparation for an Aesthetics assignment for uni. I’ve been using two key methods for corrupting data. The first involves converting video to an uncompressed format (mpeg) and importing it into Audacity as RAW data. While importing the video in this form corrupts data on its own, I can further affect the process by adding filters and audio effects to the imported data.

The second method involves using a HEX editor. I will open mpeg files using a HEX editor showing me the video file’s RAW data in HEX form. Here I can manually damage the code by either changing small fragments of the text, rearranging it, deleting it.

The results are often quite interesting, and I like the idea of destroying something in the hope that something beautiful may emerge.

 Here are a couple of my first glitch experiments. Going to keep playing around with this and experiment with more techniques.
UPDATE 28/03/2012
Finally figured out how to replicate a type of glitch I had seen where everything winds up looking like it’s melting. Used it extensively in my Cockatoo Island assignment with some good results.
I’ve been playing around with ideas of art and pornography for some time, namely where is the line between art, film, and pornography. I’ve been examining where these boundaries lie exactly, and I’ve been trying to look at through some aspects of my practice whether it is possible to make something aesthetically beautiful or artistically valid using pornography as a starting point.
The following video was initially a compilation of comeshots, but with a bit of databending I’ve managed to turn it into something quite beautiful. My favourite is 0:17.

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