Persona Non Grata (2009)


“Persona Non Grata” is a short film I produced for my HSC English Extension 2 Major Work (2009). I received a mark of 50/50, and the film as a whole is a result of nine months of work. A large amount of research and study went into developing the film’s script and content. The film was solely written, directed, filmed and edited by me.

The Latin legal term persona non grata reflects the position of the Arts and culture within contemporary Australian society. Its use figuratively underpins the ethos inherent in my short film. Persona Non Grata is a surrealist film noir, exploring the death of art, censorship, and child protection within this society.

It was during the 2008 Bill Henson furore that the widespread attitudes of philistinism toward the Arts and culture within Australian society as a whole became fully apparent. Hensons work was labelled child pornography and absolutely revolting by Kevin Rudd himself. As a result of my strong opinions on this case, and associated incidents (the Nicole Boenig-McGrade Subiaco incident , the Rudd governments proposal of internet censorship in the name of child protection), I discovered a source of inspiration to draw the basis of my major work.

Through Persona Non Grata, I have confronted responders to come to the realisation that our individual perceptions of art as a cultural reflection of our true selves must not be impeded by the manipulated perversion of artistic intent.

- Shortened reflection statement.

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