The Canvas Project – Promotional Video


Be sure to watch in full 1080p HD!

This is the promotional video for a new project I am working on called The Canvas Project. For this project I am acting as Head Writer and (occasional) Editor. I was the primary editor for our promotional video, with the exception of the crew shots at the end which were edited by a couple of colleagues. This has probably been my most challenging video work to date.

The Canvas Project is an exciting new Sydney-based interview program devoted to giving emerging artists a voice, showcasing Sydney’s artistic talent.

In our first season of episodes, we uncover fresh emerging talent within the Sydney arts scene. We give Sydney artists—visual artists, musicians, designers, sculptors, and everything in between—a means to bring their work to a wider audience, while also showing Sydneysiders what’s happening in their arts scene. By providing a platform for artists to broaden their viewership, we foster the vital relationship between artists and audiences that is essential for any art community to survive. We bring the artists to you, and we bring you to the artists.

We aim to liberate art from the stuffy pretences of high culture and bring a wider variety of creative work to a new generation of art lovers. We hope that through this project we provide audiences with a glimpse into the hidden wonders of the Sydney arts scene, and showcase the rich diversity of culture that Sydney has to offer.

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